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Richmond Heights Chiropractor | Richmond Heights chiropractic care | MO | Nutrition Response Testing


1415 Big Bend Boulevard
Richmond Heights, MO 63117


Dr. Michael C. Hartman


Nutrition Response Testing


Nutrition Response Testing is a specific system of analyzing the condition of the body by utilizing the reflexes to determine

underlying causes of non-optimal health. The causes may be related to stessors on the body which may include heavy metals, chemicals,

food allergies, bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites and nutritional deficiencies. After helping the body remove or handle these stressors

natural healing can begin to work normally! By adding a nutrient dense whole food diet with a reduction of processed foods and sugars

your health can be transformed!

A more detailed explanation of Nutrtion Response Testing is under the Nutrition drop down bar.


Richmond Heights Chiropractor | Nutrition Response Testing. Dr. Mike Hartman is a Richmond Heights Chiropractor.