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1415 Big Bend Boulevard
Richmond Heights, MO 63117


Dr. Michael C. Hartman



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---Nutrition Response Testing testimonial---


What was it like before you came in to see us?

Since childhood, I have been plagued by infection after infection; Reoccurring ear infections, sinus infection, bladder infections, and even staph infections. Each treated with antibiotics; meaning I was taking up to 6 rounds of antibiotics a year. And following almost every round of antibiotics were antibiotic –aided infections and digestive issues thus requiring more, different antibiotics or medications. I felt trapped in a vicious cycle of illness, and for someone who strives to live healthy, this was very defeating.

How is it now?

I am proud to say I’ve just hit my one year mark of being ANTIBIOTIC–FREE!!! I’m feeling better than ever. That’s not to say I never get sick. Working in preschool, the occasional illness is bound to crop up. But now when I get sick, it doesn’t take 10 days of antibiotics, 3 days off work, and 2 weeks to recover. With nutrition response testing, Dr. Hartman is able to pinpoint what my body is fighting and what my body needs to get back in balance. I am now able to recover quickly and stave off any other health threats.

These perks are just a portion of what Dr. Hartman’s nutrition services provide. The knowledge I’ve gained about overall health and my body in particular has been the greatest benefit. I have a better grasp on reading the messages my body is sending me and knowing how to respond to those messages through diet modifications and supplement intake.

My experience with nutrition response testing has been wonderful. To be treated as an individual with a unique make up and specific needs just makes sense. What an empowering feeling to finally have control over my body and overall health.

                                                                                                                               By: Jessica W.

                         -------Chiropractic and Nutrition Response Testing Testimonial------

"What can I say? Probably more appropriate is, what can I not say? I came crawling into Dr. Hartman's office one day after being debilitated and in severe lower back pain for a couple weeks. Pain medication and shots from my physician could not touch the pain. After the first visit I walked out of his office on my own with the pain markedly diminished. A couple follow up visits and I was back to a robust and active schedule. I could not have conceived of such a turn around. Because I am stubborn and independant, I frequently throw my back out and Dr. Hartman is gracious and kind about getting my spine back on track. Because of his skill I can walk and function.

 Another huge issue we have experienced with Dr. Hartman is allergy clearing. Two of my daughters beyond chart measurement for allergic reaction to our cat. Our physician insisted that we remove the cat from our home. Because our daughters are so attatched to the cat, literally, we decided to pursue other options. Dr. Hartman offered allergy clearing for them. They agreed to try. Again, what can I say. Where there once were welts and nasty red rashes there was now no marks of any kind. Thie cat sleeps next to them on the pillow. Just recently, one of our daughters became quite ill. She was drained, could not eat and stayed in bed for days. She saw Dr. Hartman for nutrition testing to boost her immune system. Dr. Hartman, as always, went the extra mile and found the root of the problem. He isolated parasites as the cause of her condition. Within a day she was feeling better. Her strength and appetite returned. There is more that I could share, but suffice it to say, the treatment we have received from Dr. Hartman has had a profound healing impact on our entire family."
By: Sue C.


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