Auto Injury

When you have been in an auto accident, you may have injuries that you are not aware of in the immediate aftermath of the accident. Along with your insurance company, you should contact an auto injury chiropractor for an evaluation of any whiplash or other injuries that may be lingering. Dr. Michael Hartman of Hartman Chiropractic And Nutrition Wellness Centre in Richmond Heights, MO serving the greater St. Louis area, offers auto injury treatments and therapies. 

Chiropractic adjustment

The force of an auto accident can result in whiplash. This is an injury that results from the forward and backward motion of the head. When the motion is unexpected or forcible, it can cause damage to the soft tissue in the neck, causing the vertebrae to become misaligned and resulting in pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, and back. By using manual or instrument manipulation, alignment can be restored and the pressure taken off of the nerves. 


Acupuncture has been used for centuries to treat just about anything that is wrong with the body. It is a Chinese technique that treats pain and illness by unlocking the flow of chi in the body. The chi flows along meridians that bring the energy from the brain to all the parts of the body. Specific points in the body are related to other parts and this is where the thin needles are inserted, depending on where the problem is located. Today, many practitioners use lasers, magnets, or electric current in place of needles. Acupuncture has been shown to be effective in relieving many types of pain and is used by an auto injury chiropractor to help with whiplash pain. 

Biocranial Technique 

This technique is applied to the head and it uses small movements of the joints and bones in the head to give relief from a variety of types of pain. 

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If you live in Richmond Heights, St. Louis, Clayton, Brentwood, or Maplewood, MO, Dr. Hartman of Hartman Chiropractic And Nutrition Wellness Centre is an auto injury chiropractor providing the service you require after your accident. Give our office a call at 314-644-3202 to set up your evaluation. You can also reach us through our website.