Chiropractic Care

Try out the short and long-term benefits of chiropractic care by visiting Dr. Michael Hartman of the Hartman Chiropractic and Nutrition Wellness Centre in Richmond Heights, MO.

Immediate Pain Relief That Only Your Chiropractor Can Provide

After taking a hard fall or being involved in a rear-end collision, you may find yourself dealing with some injuries. The pain caused by those injuries may be severe enough to prevent you from working.

You can pay a visit to a chiropractor if you want relief from those injuries.

During your session, your chiropractor will formulate a treatment plan based on your medical history, your current condition, and your preferences. Once they have drawn up that plan, they will implement it using various techniques. The techniques they use will also account for your specific case.

In addition to spinal adjustments, your chiropractic may also employ Bio Cranial Therapy. Bio Cranial Therapy promotes faster healing while also resolving imbalances throughout your body. It is a type of treatment that grants immediate relief.

Treat your injuries right away by heading to a chiropractor. Secure chiropractic treatment from Dr. Hartman of the Hartman Chiropractic and Nutrition Wellness Centre in Richmond Heights, MO if you want to experience relief from your injuries as soon as possible.

Improve Your Health Long-Term by Following a Specially Crafted Program

When you go to a chiropractor for treatment, they are not just focused on addressing your injuries and sending you out the door. They also want to present you with a personalized program that can help you improve your health long-term.

If you chose to use Nutrition Response Testing for a personalized program, your chiropractor will first analyze your body completely to ascertain which nutrients will help improve your health. Those nutrients will be instrumental to balancing your body. From there, you can start taking whole food supplements. They are targeted to make up for any shortcomings in your diet.

If your chiropractor finds that your diet is poorly balanced, they may also suggest changes that will address that issue. Continue following those tips provided by your chiropractor so you can get into better shape.

This long-term treatment plan also includes continuing guidance. Speak to your chiropractor and tell them how the treatment plan is affecting your body. Your chiropractor can also continue giving you advice as you continue with the treatment plan.

Address your injuries and improve your health long-term by securing expert chiropractic care from Dr. Hartman of the Hartman Chiropractic and Wellness Centre in Richmond Heights, MO. Call 314-644-3202 to book your appointment and get to work on achieving long-term wellness.